May Meeting Topic Announced

Customer attraction and loyalty the theme of May Meeting

March 18, 2021  ·  Katie Bohocky

There is no one formula for attracting and retaining convenience store customers, just a range of valid approaches. With so much innovation going on in the fuel and convenience space, it's time to revisit this time-honored topic at our May 20 member meeting.

Speakers will include internationally-recognized business strategist, Bob Phibbs; Vice President of Marketing at Ilani, Tom Teesdale; and Garrison Wynn, a Fortune-500 favorite who has mixed comedy with business savvy in previous keynote addresses for the likes of ExxonMobil, NACS, and TribalHub.

Once again we will be hosting our May Member Meeting virtually. This marks one year of virtual meetings, more than we ever thought we would do. We've learned a lot about adapting our educational offerings to an online delivery method. And we've grown over a tough year, thanks in part to making our virtual meetings open to all of Indian Country for free. 

This meeting will be no different. With many Native communities disproportionally impacted by the coronavirus, we still feel that giving free access to non-member tribes during this trying times is the right thing to do. Tribes that can afford to join are continuing to join us, and every meeting more tribes and Native c-store operators learn about who are.

Graphic featuring arrows and people illustrating attraction and loyalty
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