Your Tribal Fuel Partner

February 1, 2022  ·  Cougar Den

Cougar Den — 100% Indian-owned. Over 45 years of fuel industry experience.

Cougar Den is a great choice for tribal c-stores. They don’t view you as just another station, or just another customer – you’re part of their family. Cougar Den is 100% Indian-owned, and shares TCSA’s philosophy of “tribes supporting tribes”. When you order fuel from them, not only are you supporting a tribal business, but you are guaranteed great service, fast delivery, and big savings. 

Cougar Den recognizes that each tribal station is unique and has different goals that it wants to achieve. They work with c-stores individually to target and develop the areas that will help them grow and succeed. With over 45 years of business under their belt, they’re always eager to share industry knowledge. Tribes supporting tribes. 

“In Indian Country, we face immense obstacles every day. At Cougar Den, we help you navigate tough waters, make the best possible business decisions, all while recognizing your tribal sovereignty.” - Cougar Den

If you’re interested in partnering with Cougar Den or getting more information, they are available to answer all your questions. Get in touch with Harris Teo at or by calling (509) 874-2181.

A big thank you to Cougar Den for their continued sponsorship of TCSA. 

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A truck driving through a scenic valley with Cougar Den logo on the side of the tank.