Webinar: Interviewing Skills

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International speaker and trainer, Sherry Prindle has delivered over 4,000 presentations in six countries in three languages. In this webinar, “Interviewing Skills for Managers,” Prindle will help you develop up-to-date skills and techniques to improve the hiring process and quality of candidates!

Hiring the right people for the right position at the right time is essential in any business or organization. Making the wrong hiring decision is costly in many ways: time, recruiting costs, training costs, and morale.

Having the right interview skills and techniques are essential, but unfortunately most managers are never trained in this area. Properly training decision makers will allow leadership to surround themselves with talented people who bring the tools needed to successfully hit goals ad have great results.

How You Will Benefit
• Learn the elements of a successful interview.
• Understand the need for job analysis.
• Know the legal rules and guidelines for interviewing.
• Discover the right ways to plan for an interview.
• Learn the different communication styles.
• Learn and executive active listening.
• Learn to ask the right questions and probe for additional information
• Learn methods of assessing and measuring an interviewee’s strengths & weaknesses.
• Learn to avoid common interviewing mistakes.
• Recognize “red flags” in the resume and candidate.
• Discover ways to ask great questions to uncover a candidate’s true self.
• Discover how to document the interview based on facts not opinions or bias.

Wednesday, November 15, 2023
10:30 am–12:00 pm (Pacific)
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