Sun Pacific Energy

TCSA Sponsor since 2022

Sun Pacific Energy offers a full range of fuel, lubricant, fleet, and retail services. Founded on a commitment to excellence, we strive to exceed expectations by offering premier service. We take pride in serving our customers and communities.

Sun Pacific Energy proudly supports TCSA and the entire tribal communities.  With our teams' extensive personal knowledge in retail management, operations, merchandising, design, wholesale branding, technical support services, and much more – Sun Pacific Energy strives to not only meet but exceed our partnerships’ expectations and results.  We motivate ourselves to form long-term and loyal relationships under the principle that our partner's and customers’ success is the priority, leading to further and future growth opportunities.  We are pleased to support such a great community and organization. 

The Sun Pacific Energy team continually strives to maintain an excellent reputation in the communities we serve. We are founded upon three simple principles: 

  • FRIENDLINESS: Working together as an efficient team to provide a consistently friendly and positive atmosphere for our customers and employees.
  • CLEANLINESS:  Maintaining a safe and clean environment that provides quality well-merchandised products at fair prices.
  • HONESTY:  Striving to be recognized as a leader because of our loyalty and integrity toward each other, our customers, our communities, and our company.