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Service Station Computer Systems Inc. (SSCS) was born in 1981 out of our founder's need to control his rapidly growing retail petroleum businesses with automation.

What he found wasn't in a store on a shelf, so he hired a small development staff and together they engineered a solution that has now shipped to over 15,000 locations worldwide. Other progressive retailers took an interest and before long a software company was born. Because we're conceived out of the industry we serve, we maintain a perspective that helps us connect with operators and address their needs.

SSCS was founded and is headquartered in Salinas, California. Though we've experienced significant growth over the decades and extended our reach across the globe, we remain grounded in the community that supports us. Our employees tend to set down roots here: seventy percent of us have been here 5 years or more; 50 percent, 10 years or more; and 30 percent, 15 years or more. You don't often find this consistency and stability in the high-tech industry. The long tenure of our staff members helps the quality and speed of our software's development, the expertise of our technical support, and the caliber of our training and documentation.

Chuck Brewer
Hedwi Ammar
Shawn Herrick