Sound Beverage Distributors

TCSA Sponsor since 2021

Sound Beverage was founded by Dale and Elaine Shintaffer in 1950 and continues to be owned and operated by the Shintaffer family today. We at Sound Beverage pride ourselves on being local and putting our customers first.


Our unprecedented customer service and dedicated employees have earned us our spot in the community as the leading Beer and Wine and Spirits Wholesaler in our region. We value our employees and take pride in providing many families a spot to call home and excel while raising their families in this great community. The Shintaffer's, both through Sound Beverage and outside of the business, have been heavily involved in the community for many years. Sound Beverage has supported Western Washington University through scholarships, athletic support, event sponsorship, and community involvement for many years. Many of the Sound Beverage family are long-standing members of local clubs including the local Rotary, Lions, Kiwanis, Chamber of Commerce, and others.


At Sound Beverage, we feel it is our responsibility to do our part to keep our community a great place to live in and grow a family. We work to assure our business efforts are connected to and enhance the community's collective efforts as shared by Sound Beverage, our employees, consumers, retailers, law enforcement officials, elected officials, educators, and other partners. We gladly take on the obligation we feel we have to work together with others to help support our community values; after all, as part of a community, these are our roads, our kids, our neighborhoods, and our environment. Sound Beverage Distributors supports and participates in our brand family's corporate social responsibility efforts and build on those efforts with our own programs. Working together with our brands and retail partners, we are able to reach consumers with impactful messages at the point of purchase and at a variety of festive occasions, including sports games, concerts and other events.

Dave Rasmusson
General Sales Manager