Skookum Creek Tobacco

TCSA Sponsor since 2020

Located in the lush rainforest landscape of the Pacific Northwest, Skookum Creek Tobacco Company Inc., operates on the Squaxin Island Indian Reservation. Known as the people of the water.

Skookum Creek Tobacco Company, Inc. recognizes the TCSA as the first of its kind in Washington State and in Indian Country.  We support the TCSA because of the valuable networking opportunities, strong member outreach through various events, and unique impression on promoting tribal first opportunities.

The Skookum Creek Tobacco Company, Inc. and its employees take pride in manufacturing premium cigarettes from the highest quality tobacco, filters, and wrapping paper.   We are a tribally owned manufacturing company made up of tribal and community employees.  Skookum Creek Tobacco happily provides top-notch customer service to our retailers throughout the Pacific Northwest.  Each purchase of a Skookum Creek product goes towards helping the local community.

Seen as a gift from the creator, ceremonial tobacco use has been an element of Indian culture for untold centuries. We honor our American Indian heritage by manufacturing exceptional premium tobacco. Support small businesses through the purchase of Skookum Creek Tobacco Products.

Skookum Creek Tobacco was formed to diversify tribal enterprises and assist in securing the tribe’s economic future. All profits from Skookum Creek Tobacco Company support crucial infrastructure such as healthcare, education, economic development, and employment.

Jim Brown
Sales Manager