Seneca Direct

TCSA Sponsor since 2019

Seneca Direct is the West Coast’s leading distributor of Seneca Tobacco Products, the fastest growing tobacco product line in the United States. Seneca has a proud tradition of combining the highest quality tobacco with expertise that has come from over 25 years of tobacco craftsmanship.

Seneca believes that every business is built on friendship and we stand true to that statement today as we grow, making it a point to know our customers like family! We work the extra mile to offer our customers superb service with great premium quality tobacco products. We provide support across Oregon, Washington, Northern California, Idaho, Montana, Colorado and Wyoming.

Why we support TCSA: Seneca-Direct strongly supports and encourages all Tribal Nations and their members to pursue pathways towards building economic sovereignty within their usual and accustomed homelands.  By supporting the TCSA, we are proud to be a part of a shared collections of resources, knowledge and experiences offered to its membership.  

John Williamson
Accounts Manager