Points to Partners

TCSA Sponsor since 2021

The products offered by Points to Partners are designed to build customer loyalty, identify your customers and increase sales and profits. Our electronic card-driven programs are customizable to meet your needs. They are easy to use and excellent vehicles for achieving customer loyalty, while building additional bottom line profits.

Benefits of Card-Driven Electronic Loyalty Programs

  • Easy to use, plus a constant advertising tool in the customer's purse or wallet
  • Tracks when the customer shops, and the amount the customer spends
  • Allows specific marketing for a product, select brand, or department
  • Provides a low-cost method to communicate to each individual customer

Why we support TCSA

Our desire to partner with TCSA dovetails perfectly with our goals to create substantial ROI, Loyal Customers, Increased GM, and more Customer Excitement for business owners/operators.  TSCA provides a wonderful opportunity to participate with America’s tribal communities by providing education and a proven tool to help them grow on their success.

Mission, Vision & Values

Points to Partners is owned by AmBest.  AmBest is a co-op business with members who are independently owned truck stops.  The overall mission of the company is to drive profitability for the long-term viability of our Members.

The Points To Partners side mission is to drive profitability for the long term viability of our Partners and Members

Del Oliver
Western Sales Manager
Mike Broyles