Petroleum Card Services

TCSA Sponsor since 2021

The Petro Industry’s First and Finest. One of the leading providers of processing solutions, specializing in independent gas stations and convenience stores. PCS is one of the most trusted payment processors in the petroleum industry. Learn more about how our people, products, and processes can help your business grow.

“PCS has specialized in merchant service solutions for the petroleum, convenience store, liquor store & carwash industries since 1999 with a focal point on POS system integrations. Service, competitive pricing and a dedication to assisting the unbranded/independent market thrive in this dynamic environment are top priorities for PCS.”

We support the TCSA because its core values align directly with ours. Our partnership with the association provides access to a transparent and profitable relationship for tribal members so they can have the utmost potential to succeed in their businesses.

Alex Schmanski
Sr. Sales Manager
Christian Denney
PCS Account Executive