Passport Express Lane

November 10, 2021  ·  NW Pump

An exciting new product offered by TCSA sponsor NW Pump can save time, and money at your c-store.

We’re excited to share about a new offering from one of our fantastic sponsors, NW Pump. The Passport Express Lane is a self-checkout POS, specifically designed for c-stores. This product is in high-demand because it saves time and cuts costs, while allowing employees to perform better customer service. It also helps reduce the impact of the chronic staffing shortages that many c-stores are dealing with these days by adding efficiency right where you need it most.

Streamlining service for customers ensures loyalty and adds to the shopping experience. During high volume shopping hours, this self-checkout option exponentially decreases wait time. For c-stores with considerable lottery business, the Passport Express Lane can allow clients to take their time, without stalling your checkout line. 

“Self-check out is the new norm at grocery stores and big-box stores, and now there is a very high level of interest and success in using it at c-stores, as well.” - Jordan Tanasse, NW Pump.

The Passport Express Lane is a win-win for c-stores, employees, and customers. If you’re interested in purchasing the systems or getting more information, NW Pump is happy to guide you through the process. Get in touch with Jordan Tanasse at or by calling 360-909-8036.

A big thank you to NW Pump for their continued sponsorship of TCSA. 

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