NW Pump Acquires Air Compressor Service

May 12, 2021

Northwest Pump acquires Air Compressor Service (ACS) in hopes of expanding into new markets and adding new businesses to their growing portfolio.

TCSA sponsor and leader in industrial and petroleum equipment sales, Northwest Pump, has purchased the assets of D.R. Smith Co., Inc., doing business as Air Compressor Service (ACS) of Everett, WA. A sales and service company with a niche in air compressors and related equipment, ACS is an authorized distributor for air compressors and compressed air products throughout Western Washington.

Northwest Pump strives to bring the highest quality products and services to its tribal convenience store customers. The deal, which went into full effect on May 1, 2021, represents an opportunity for Northwest Pump to diversify its offerings and add more value for its customers.

When looking for new acquisitions, Northwest Pump seeks companies that align with the culture of their employee-owned company. ACS's commitment to customer service excellence was a key similarity between the two companies. After interviewing key ACS players, Northwest Pump has decided to add the ACS team consisting of new Service Technicians, Service Coordinators, and Sales Members to their Industrial Division. Northwest Pump is thrilled to bring this well-seasoned and professional team into th Norwest Pump family.

More About Northwest Pump

Northwest Pump is committed to providing the highest quality products and service. That is why the company is so selective about the lines it chooses to represent. Northwest Pump operates in three distinct divisions: Petroleum Equipment Sales, Industrial Equipment Sales, and Installation/Service. For more details on the company's products, service, and history, visit www.nwpump.com.

Team picture of the Northwest Pump crew