Nisqually Construction Services

TCSA Sponsor since 2015

Nisqually Construction Services (NCS) has over a century of combined years of industry experience, which supports the highest level of project quality, integrity, and leadership.

Nisqually Construction Services (NCS) is a Tribally-owned Small Business Enterprise that specializes in construction services and construction management, with extensive capital expansion program and individual project construction management experience for both public and private clients.

Our team of licensed engineers and industry professionals represents years of experience managing a full range of complex projects, including water and wastewater facilities, utility and site civil construction, tunnels, commercial and industrial facilities, major transportation projects, and using a full range of project delivery methods, including Design-Build and GC/CM.

Our experience as a General Contractor and Construction Management Consultant gives our company a unique perspective of how to successfully plan and deliver a project. We also have extensive experience working on complex projects and understand the challenges of maintaining a safe work site in dense urban environments, minimizing disruptions to the pedestrians and traffic, and clearly communicating and coordinating with numerous project stakeholders.

Bob Iyall