King Mountain Tobacco Company

TCSA Sponsor since 2020

King Mountain Tobacco Company is a Native American-owned premium tobacco manufacturer located within the boundaries of the Yakama Nation.

King Mountain Tobacco Company, Inc. proudly supports the TCSA as a silver member.  King Mountain’s products provide growth opportunities for not only member Convenience Stores and Smoke Shops but generate tax revenue for Tribal Governments. As a Native American owned business, King Mountain Tobacco understands the rights and opportunities Tribal businesses have over other similar non-Native businesses.  Please contact a King Mountain representative today to find out how we can grow your business!

King Mountain Tobacco Company Inc. is a Native American owned premium tobacco manufacturer located within the boundaries of the Yakama Nation. In early 2000, Yakama Nation tribal businessman, Delbert Wheeler, had a dream to manufacture premium tobacco products and offer its products for sale to local tribal businesses as well as in the open market.

The King Mountain Tobacco family is an accumulation of multigenerational men and women who have worked alongside Delbert and Trina Wheeler for over 30 years in their various businesses. These businesses include logging, gravel pits, construction, convenience stores, smoke shops and Wheeler Farms. With over 300 employees within the Wheeler Enterprises family, King Mountain’s quality is the result of this family atmosphere and is enhanced by its collective parts converging to realize a common dream.

What began as a dream among friends has now transformed into a thriving and prosperous manufacturer of premium tobacco products. Today, King Mountain products can be found coast to coast, border to border.

Jonathan Green
Vice President of Sales
Wayne Harris
Region Manager