Inderbitzin Distributors

TCSA Sponsor since 2024

Inderbitzin Distributors is pleased to sponsor the TCSA and bring member stores the benefits of Inderbitzin Direct Store Delivery (DSD).

Inderbitzin has programs that cover multiple categories, including Grab & Go refrigerated items (sandwiches, meats, hard-boiled eggs, pickles), meat snacks (16 different manufacturers), freeze-dried candy, nuts/gummies snack mixes (Werner, Snak Club), energy and relaxation supplements (5 Hour Energy), kids novelty toy/candies (Kidsmania, ICEE, Candy Dynamics, Raindrops), single-serve frozen foods (burritos, burgers, sandwiches), liquid kratom, charging cables, and much more.

We guarantee what we sell and buy back slow or poor-performing items and sell most items by the single unit. Streamline your inventory with truck-to-shelf service - we bring the warehouse to you in our loaded truck, put the order away, and maintain schematic integrity. Our customers routinely see sales on managed categories grow 40% - 75% with our category management expertise.

We are eager and excited to support and partner with TSCA-member stores and collectively grow business beneficial to customers.

Brent Overman
Customer Development Manager
253-922-2592 x 312 or 253-255-4570
Paul Inderbitzin
Vice President of Sales & Marketing
253-922-2592 x 313 or 253-732-8807
Jacob Inderbitzin
Route Operations Manager
253-922-2592 x 304 or 253-732-4586