How to Start a Convenience Store

A conversation about the benefits of starting a tribal convenience store

September 29, 2021  ·  Bird Hudson

Starting a convenience store or gas station is a big lift. This article, written with the help of a seasoned tribal c-store operator, will get you started.

This article is a deep dive into how to open a convenience store and how to open a gas station in a general sense. But below we are also going to look very closely at how this process plays out in a tribal context (i.e. how to start a tribal c-store). For that portion of the article, we reached out to an expert.

We spoke with Tony Liberal, the Director of Operations for the Nisqually Markets based in Frederickson, WA. Tony is also the Vice-Chairperson for the Tribal Convenience Store Association (TCSA) Board. Tony shared from his own experience the reasons why tribes should consider opening a convenience store. The Nisqually Market chain is operated by the Nisqually Tribe in Western Washington.

A TCSA-member convenience store in Yelm, WA, featuring a striking red canopy held up by logs.