HF Sinclair

TCSA Sponsor since 2024

Trusted in tribal communities. Beloved across America.

More than 30 Sinclair gas stations are owned by tribal communities – and nationwide,
love for the Sinclair brand has been growing for more than 100 years. Our iconic DINO
draws customers young and old with our gas station photo-ops and references
throughout pop culture.

Your business can take advantage of it all:

  • Reliable supply of quality fuel, including DINOCARE®, our TOP TIER™ gasoline, and
    our proprietary ELITE DIESEL®, through the seven complex refineries of our parent
    company, HF Sinclair
  • Our DINOPAY® loyalty app helps customers find your gas station and save on every gallon
  • Local and national advertising in traditional and digital media
  • DINO everything, from the big green statue to plushies, apparel, and more.

Many gas stations have reported immediate increases in business after switching to Sinclair. Contact us to put DINO to work for your business.

Brian Urquidez
Regional Manager - PNW | Marketing
Spencer Lucas