First American Petroleum

TCSA Sponsor since 2021

We come from a Native family that has been building tribal enterprises for over one hundred years, starting with a small horse ranch on the Yakama Indian Reservation.

First American Petroleum is the fastest-growing Native owned wholesale fuel provider to tribal lands in the country. We take great pride in our work defending the liberty of natives to engage in commerce and trade, unhindered by prohibitive regulatory impositions. Our motto states our core value, as we are genuinely committed to be “Indians helping Indians”. 

Since its inception in 2005, First American has helped tribal communities earn more profits and keep their earnings to benefit their members. The increase in real dollars resulting from partnering with First American Petroleum has gone toward tribal health and youth programs, reservation infrastructure, and various other community initiatives. Most importantly, by working with us, our tribal customers are able to realize true economic independence and stability. First American Petroleum is committed to sharing our knowledge with fellow tribal communities; we offer a unique opportunity for members of Indian Country to exercise a real and measurable advantage over their competitors. 

This spirit of cooperation, a value that is shared between TCSA and First American, is what draws us to support the organization. We believe that our most valuable assets are our relationships - customers, partners, vendors, and suppliers, alike. By working together - sharing, rather than competing for resources - we believe we can and will enrich the lives of every member of Indian Country. We strive to make a brighter day for our future generations, for we are American Indians committed to helping our fellow American Indians.

First American Petroleum is a family business; we see each of our customers as part of the family and take a personal interest not only in their business, but also in their lives and circumstances outside of work. We gain our customers’ trust by being consistent in the quality we deliver and by repeatedly exemplifying our commitment - and investment - to their overall success.   

Sean Zarate
Jed Davis