Electronic Loyalty Programs

January 24, 2022  ·  Points to Partners

Low-cost marketing tool, seamless integration, customer loyalty incentives from TCSA sponsor, Points to Partners.

Loyalty Card Programs offer opportunities to track customer spending and incentivize shoppers to return with customizable reward options. For over 25 years, Points to Partners have been providing Card-driven Electronic Loyalty Programs for retailers of all kinds, including convenience stores, truck stops, car washes, restaurants, and even grocery stores. 

This could be your solution for boosting customer loyalty. By shopping at your c-store, customers can collect points from purchases, which could be redeemed for anything from gas points to free coffee. At every checkout, loyalty shoppers receive a receipt that keeps track of their accrued points and includes messages about promotional offers—a low-cost, high-yield marketing tool. 

“From a business standpoint, we believe our program has the best ROI in the industry due to our low startup costs and custom flexibility,” Del Oliver, Points to Partners.

Points to Partners was founded with the goal of offering low-barrier, success-driven programs to any sized company. And they couldn’t be easier to implement – the loyalty programs seamlessly integrate with all major Point of Sale systems. If you’re interested in getting your c-store set up with a Loyalty Program or getting more information, Points to Partners is available to answer all your questions. Get in touch with Del Oliver at DOliver@pointstopartners.com or by calling 615-777-9115.

A big thank you to Points to Partners for their continued sponsorship of TCSA. 

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Mother and son holding a Customer Loyalty card from Points to Partners
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