Congratulations to our 2021 Employee of the Year Winners

November 1, 2021

The Tribal Convenience Store Association Employee of the Year Award recognizes 3 employees at our Annual September membership meeting for their exceptional performance, productivity, customer service, and other initiatives.

Congratulations to Ed Rosen

Ed has gone above and beyond his duties in 2020 - 2021 leading his team through the COVID pandemic. Ed has a "do what it takes" leadership style that helped him accomplish many goals in 2020. But the reason I nominated him for this award was for the leadership of his team and the morale he gave them through the pandemic. His communication with our corporate team and ever-evolving policies due to COVID. Implementing these changes and making sure each employee knows and understands what these new policies are. Doing what it takes to keep the store up and running for the community, even if that means he has to step up and work extra and odd shifts to keep the doors open for business. 

A great accomplishment and example of his leadership and store's hard work is, SHELL recognized Nisqually Markets Frederickson site as Top 1% retail site in the region. I feel if it wasn't for Ed and the hard work he put in Nisqually Markets Frederickson and employees couldn't have earned this accomplishment. Ed is a great asset to his employees, Nisqually Markets and The Nisqually Indian Tribe.


Congratulations to Josh Robinson

Josh has been noticed for having the largest amount of growth in the 2½ years we have been open, both in his personal and professional life. He started out slow and unmotivated. In the last year, Josh has made such a positive turnaround that is noticed by all he comes into contact with. He is 100% reliable and works whenever needed, and he comes into every shift with a positive and upbeat attitude and treats everyone with the utmost respect. He is always searching for ways to improve and has reached many goals he has set for himself this year with his career. 

We value Josh so much for being a good coach to his team, and always leading by example. In April 2022, Josh received the Service Hero award for being a model of our companies core values.


Congratulations to Trisha Munn

Trisha has become one of our top managers for MVV. Since being promoted to Assistant Manager, she has stepped in on 4 separate occasions during the past year, where she covered another store acting as Store Manager. These were times where the Store Manager was out on an extended leave. On two of these occasions, the leaves were unplanned emergencies and Trisha had barely 24 hours to rearrange her duties as Assistant Manager to take charge as acting Store Manager at other locations. When Trisha is asked to take on these types of assignments, she never hesitates in responding positively and often has responded with “I will make it work Mike!” 

Trisha’s performance is always high quality and with good business acumen. She accomplishes all of this while raising two-grade school-age children and taking care of other family members while not at work. Trisha describes herself as an “outdoorsy” type of person and she enjoys hiking, fishing, and just took up kayaking when not at her store. Trisha consistently maintains a positive, encouraging attitude with all our employees, office staff, leadership team, and most importantly our guests. 

4 people standing and holding up a plaque.
Photo of two people standing next to each other holding a plaque
Trisha Munn holding her plaque and TCSA blanket.