2023 Employees of the Year

October 27, 2023

Janice Joe – Grocery Clerk at Swinomish Markets at the Casino Janice Joe is a Swinomish Tribal member who has worked at Swinomish Markets for over 14 years. While detail-oriented in her role and tasks, she has always shined greatly with her upbeat attitude and bubbly personality. Janice is very observant and will always be there to brighten someone’s day.

As a Swinomish Tribal Elder, Janice has always put the vision of Swinomish Markets first. She is active in the community and informs us of any events or recommendations that we should be aware of so that we can better service our community. Her involvement in the community and at work have always gone hand-in-hand, highlighting her overall dedication and loyalty to the Swinomish Tribe and the Markets.

Leah Roberston – Store Manager at Tahoma Express #2 In the five years Leah has been with the Puyallup Tribal Enterprises.

Leah has quickly moved up the ranks to Store Manager by continually showcasing her positive high energy, customer service, and genuine care about her associates and those around her. Leah continually focuses on learning and developing, and I quote- “goes above and beyond the call of duty in pursuing excellence.

Triston Mesteth – Shift Supervisor for Nisqually Markets Triston has been a shift supervisor at Nisqually Markets for three years now. Triston is responsible for overseeing dayshift operations. A quote from his manager:

Triston’s ability to take the initiative and ensure the store's continued operations in a time of management transition was impressive. Within just one month, he not only maintained the store's performance but also took on the role of training the new management staff. Thanks to his guidance, the new team was able to sustain the store's growth at a steady rate”