Keeping Your Store Relevant

January 2021 Member Meeting (January 21, 2021)  ·  Rachel Bucher and Joseph Hoffman, The Hershey Company

In tough times, we all crave a little bit of comfort. For many of our customers, that means indulging their sweet tooth.

Rachel Bucher and Joseph Hoffman (The Hershey Company) discuss innovation in c-stores. You’ve probably noticed that it takes more than sugar content to make candy fly off the shelves at your c-store.

Experts on the candy category from Hershey’s, they will share about the hottest innovation products within the candy industry and how they impact overall customer perception, sales growth, and keeping your store relevant. They’ll also share about those core performers that no store can live without, answering the age-old debate about how much shelf space to set aside for core options vs. flashy newcomers. Don’t forget to post your questions to chat as you think about them.